Stern and Löbl Family Genealogy and History Website

The Stern Family section contains substantial Descendant Family Trees, genealogy information, photos and other documents of interest for the following Ancestral Families:  

Adler (ha’ Cohen) (of Freilingen), Altschul (of Ingenheim), Baruch (of Kroiterchine, Fracquemont/ Valkenburg), Blumenthal (of Weyer), Cahn (of Meudt, Langendernbach, Herborn, Montabaur and other towns in the Westerwald area),  Cohn (of Deutsch Eylau), De Vries (of Hörstgen), Falk (of Neviges), Fischer (of Bischofswerder, Deutsch Eylau), Goldschmidt (of Runkel), Gomberich (of Weyer), Gruenbaum (of Seelbach, Hahnstaetten) Haas (of Ingenheim), Hecht (of Holzhausen auf der Haide, Rennerod), Fuld (of Langendernbach, Brandoberndorf), Heilberg (of Quirnbach), Heilberg (of Meudt, Langendernbach, Herborn, Montabaur and other towns in the Westerwald area),  Hermann (of Quirnbach), Herz (of GrossSteinheim), Hochstetter  (of Niederhochstadt, Liedolsheim, Bruchsal), Kahn (of Fachbach),  Kahn (of Liedolsheim), Kahn (of Idstein), Lahrheim (of Meudt, Langendernbach, Herborn, Montabaur and other towns in the Westerwald area), Klein (of Altdorf im Breisgau), Laubenheim (of Laubenheim), Levy  (of Galoppe), Löb (of Edenkoben), Löwemann (of Nauborn near Wetzlar), Löwenstein (of Meudt, Langendernbach, Herborn, Montabaur and other towns in the Westerwald area) , Löwenthal (of Seelbach), Marx (of Fachbach), Meyer (of Diez, Dauborn), Michel (of Freilingen), Michel (of Stein-bockenheim), Nachmann (of Stein-bockenheim), Rees (of Altdorf im Breisgau), Reich (of Deutsch Eylau), Rubel (of Hochspeyer), Saalberg (of Villmar, Weyer), Simon (Gensingen, Bingen), Simon (of Waldhilbersheim), Simson (of Bochum, Mettmann, Dusseldorf), Stern (ha’Cohen) (of Maxsain, Meudt, Montabaur), Strauss (of Heringen, Hahnstaetten), Straus(s) (of Selters, Höchstenbach), Strauss (of Wasenbach, Langendernbach), Weil/Weill/Weyl (of Kippenheim), Weil/Weill/Weyl (of Altdorf im Breisgau), Wiener (of Presbourg, Hörstgen, Venlo), Wertheimer (of Bruchsal, Östringen), Wolf (of Edenkoben)

and other descendant family names – see full listing at the link below.

The Löbl Family section contains substantial Descendant Family Trees, genealogy information, photos and other documents of interest for the following Ancestral Families:  

Bachmann (of Friesen, Kronach), Bamberger (of Burgkunstadt, Mitwitz), Berliner (of Lissa, Herford, London), Blumenthal (of Merzbach, Frankfurt), Boas (of Werther bei Bielfeld, Lübbecke, Holzminden), Dudenhofen/Durlach/ Durlacher (of Worms, Kircheim Bolanden), Engelmann (of Floβ), Frank (of ?), Fried (of Trunstadt, Ebelsbach), Goldberg (of Urspringen), Goldmann (of ?), Grabfeld (of Horb am Main), Gruenbaum (of Falkenstein, Kronberg, Frankfurt), Gugenheim (of Zillisheim, Zweibrücken),  Heidenheim (of Olnhausen), Heinemann (of Koenigheim, Dusseldorf), Heller (of Koenigswart), Heller  (of Ledau, Willomitz), Kle(e)stadt (of Bürren, Ossendorf), Kohn (of Trunstadt, Ebelsbach), Lilling (of Haret, Sterkowitz), Löbl/Loebl/Loble (ha’Levi) (of Luditz, Maschau, Michelob, Bamberg), Löbl/Loebl/Loble (of Hareth near Brüx), Löwy (of ?), Metzger (of Berlichingen), Michaelis/Michel (of Schwarza), Neuburger (of Wonfurt), Oppenheimer (of Burgkunstadt), Reitzenberger (of Burgkunstadt, Bamberg), Rosenbaum (of Falkenstein, Königstein, Kronberg, Frankfurt), Rosenthal (of ?), Ruf (of Bitsch), Ruh (of ?) Schoenfeld (of ?), Schoenfeld (of Erbes-Büdesheim, Kircheim-Bolanden), Seligsberger (of Mitwitz), Schloss (ha’Levi) (of Maroldsweisach), Stern (of Holenberg, Holzminden, Elberfeld), Strauss (of Gissigheim), Tuchmann (ha’Levi) (of Baiersdorf, Uehlfeld), Veder (of ?), Westheim (of Ossendorf), Wollberg (of ?)

and other descendant family names – see full listing at the link below.

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Welcome to the Stern and Loebl Family Genealogy and Family History Website. This site is simple to use.

The site is protected to safeguard details of living relatives.

Please follow these simple directions. Once you have registered, go to either the ‘Stern’ or ‘Löbl’ page.

Above the family tree chart you will find the main ancestor names in black type and each one (click over the relevant name) brings up a detailed report in PDF format giving names, dates and places generation by generation. You can view, save (to your own PC) or print these out. The files are dated and will be updated on this site as further information becomes available.

If you can add any information or correct any inaccuracies, please contact us using the ‘contact’ button. If you are connected to our family we will be delighted to hear from you!

Below the family tree chart you will find photos and other documents of interest. Again, these are constantly being added to. Click on each link to bring these up in a separate window. Once again, you can view, save or print these out.

We have several further pieces of information which we intend to add to this site when time permits. So please visit us again. Please email any photos or other content which you think may be relevant and of interest.

Thank you for visiting our site. Your feedback and any assistance you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Acknowledgement   We would like to acknowledge with thanks the many contributions of data, photos and other information from family members (probably well over a hundred individuals) around the world too numerous to mention individually but we will mention our dear parents, Eve (nee Heinemann) and George Loble MBE, Gaby (nee Simson) and Freddy Stern and Dr Herbert Loebl OBE z”l, George’s late cousin. We have also received a considerable amount of assistance from ‘friends’, registrars and archivists mostly in Germany, some of it free of charge and all of it much appreciated. Without all of you this website would be much poorer.


Monica & Gerald Stern



Note:  Patronymic Family Names    Prior to the early to mid 1800s, the Jews in Germany used Jewish names (i.e.  son of or daughter of father’s name). In our database these names are shown as per the register (of birth marriage or death) and what appears to be a family name is therefore usually the father’s first name. Ocassionally this causes confusion and is often even unknown by professional researchers who are unfamiliar with Jewish archives.

As an example:       Haium David is actually Haium son of David.  In fact this particular family adopted or had imposed the family name Löwenstein which has subsequently been adapted to either Loewenstein where the ‘e’ represents the umlaut over the ‘o’ or a simpler form Lowenstein.



© All material on the site is protected by Copyright. The site is password protected  as it contains peoples dates of birth and sometimes other personal information. The Testimonies for example are often rather private expressions of thoughts and feelings intended primarily, at least during the author’s lifetime, for the family. This material is therefore for reference and information but strictly not for publication either in part or whole without the written permission of the author or the author’s Estate.


Some Key Names in this site (in no particular order): Stern, Hecht, Alfred Stern, Freddi Stern, Freddy Stern, Willi Stern, Willy Stern, Maier Willi Stern, Alexander Stern, Isaak Stern, Alexander Leser, Leser, Johanette Heyum, Johanetter Haium, Heyum Isaak, Eva Jakob, Jakob Moyes, Jakob Moyses, Sara Kahn, Gabriel Meyer Kahn, Zippora Michel, Isaak Michel, Fanny Hecht, Jakob Moses Hecht, Jacob Moses Hecht, Regina Abraham, Regina Strauss, Moses Jakob Hecht, Fanny Herz, Löwenstein, Loewenstein, Betti Löwenstein, Betti Loewenstein, David Löwenstein, David Loewenstein, Jakob Löwenstein, Jakob Loewenstein, Lob Heilberg, Loeb Heilberg, Jacob Heilberg, Jakob Heilberg, Heilberg, Betti Strauss, Betty Strauss, Blumenthal, Rosa Blumenthal, Löb Blumenthal, Loeb Blumenthal, Klara Meyer, Simson, Gabrielle Simson, Gaby Simson, Ernest Simson, Ernst Simson, Salomon Simson, Salomon Hermann Simson, Hermann Hirsch Simson, Hirsch Simson, Salomon Simson, Hertz Abraham, Herz Abraham, Lisette Abraham, Jeanetta Schoenchen Falk, Jeanetta Schönchen Falk, Jeanetta Falk, Rosetta Wiener, Wiener, Marcus Mardoche Wiener, Hanna Jeannette Baruch, Baruch, Kiri, Karl, Kurt, Simon, Bertha Brigitta Simon, Bertha Simon, Herta Simon, Seligmann Simon, Daniel Simon, Klara Simon, Clara Simon, Henriette Simon, Eli Simon, Katharina Simon, Elizabeth Simson, Elisabeth Simson, Fischer, Elizabeth Fischer, Elisabeth Fischer, Lisy Fischer, Lizy Fischer, Arthur Fischer, Artur Fischer, Isidor Fischer, Siegfried Fischer, Siegfried Vizierri Fischer, Rebecka Cohn, Cohn, Rebeka Cohn, Hochstetter, Caesar Hochstetter, Bertha Hochstetter, Hochstätter, Hochstetter, Bertha Hochstätter, Bertha Hochstetter, Jakob Hochstätter, Jacob Hochstätter, Julie Wertheimer, Wertheimer, Kurt Weill, Kurt Julian Weill, Weill, Gustav Hochstetter, Gerald Stern, Gerald William Stern, Joel Stern, Jenna Stern, Monica Loble, Monica Stern, Loble, Löbl, Loebl, George Loble, Fritz Siegfried Löbl, Fritz Siegfried Loebl, Hugo Löbl, Hugo Loebl, Herbert Löbl, Herbert Loebl, Siegfried Samson Löbl, Siegfried Samson Loebl, Dr, Doctor, Siegfried Samuel Löbl, Siegfried Samuel Loebl, Emmanuel Löbl, Emmanuel Loebl, Wolf Löbl, Wolf Loebl, Josef, Sara Heller, Johanna Heller, Isaak Heller, Isaac Heller, Lilling, Karolina Lilling, Jakob Lilling, Sara Hirsh, Schloss, Karolina Schloss, Lina Schloss, Moritz Schloss, Fanny Bamberger, Elsa Fried, Fried, Willhelm Fried, Simon Fried, Moses Fried, Jette Kohn, Hanna Neuberger, Hannah Neuberger, Betti Bachmann, Betty Bachmann, Simon Bachmann, Reitzenberger, Hedwig Reitzenberger, Henrich Reitzenberger, Chaim Reitzenberger, Tuchmann, Jette Tuchmann, Marx Tuchmann, Mordechai Josef Levi, Engelmann, Marianne Engelmann, Miriam Engelmann, Heinemann, Fritz Heinemann, Fred Heinemann, Josef Heinemann, Joseph Heinemann, Marum Heinemann, Maier Heinemann, Meier Heinemann, Marum, Hayum Marum, Joseph Marum, Josef Marum, Schendel, Strauss, Jachet Strauss, Laemmlein Strauss, Lämmlein Strauss, Lammlein Strauss, Ester Goldberg, Metzger, Rosa Metzger, Rose Metzger, Nachum Metzger, Bella Heidenheim, Judel Metzger, Eva Adler, Gugenheim, Henrietta Gugenheim, Isaak Gugenheim, Leopold Gugenheim, Michael Gugenheim, Marx Gugenheim, Charlotte Veder, Henriette Ruh, Julie Ruf, Durlacher, Anna Durlacher, Julius Durlacher, Marie Schoenfeld, Marie, Schönfeld, Raphael Chaim Durlacher, Dyrlach, Raphael Chaim Durlach, Sara Schönfeld, Sara Schoenfeld, Levi Durlach, Loeb Lazarus Durlach, Löb Lazarus Durlach, Jacob Eliezer Durlach, Jakob Eliezer Durlach, Jacob Elieser Durlach, Jakob Elieser Durlach, Rabbi Raphael Durlach, Engelmann, Gitte, Brendel, Stern, Gertrud Stern, Emmanuel Stern, Immanuel Stern, Joel Stern, Hirsch Stern, Gerson Hirsch, Hirsch Isaac, Hirsch Isaak, Isaac Gerson, Isaak Gerson, Herz Heinemann, Hendel Heinemann, Egla Meier, Madel bat Avraham, Wollberg, Bela Boas, Klestadt, Johanna Klestadt, Menachem Klestadt, Gerson Stern, Gerson, Joel Harry Stern, Erna Schwarz, Minnie Stern, Bendix Stern, Matilda Berliner, Henry Berliner, Herman Zvi Hirsch, Berliner, Caroline Rosenbaum, Knedel bat Avraham, Rosenbaum, Jacob Berliner, Jakob Berliner, Yaacov Berliner, Monica Stern, Monica Loble, Gerald Stern, Steven Loble, Jenna Stern,

Some Key Places in this site: Germany, Idstein, Masesain, Meudt, Montabaur, Rennerod, Herborn, Langerndernbach, Weyer, Geneva, Genf, Switzerland, Schwiez, Suisse, Dusseldorf, Düsseldorf, Mettmann, Mettman, Bochum, Neviges, Gensingen, Bingen, Waldhilbersheim, Rudesheim, Zurich, Deutsch Eylau, Prussia, West Prussia, Bruchsal, Liedolsheim, Newcastle, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UK, Bamberg, Michelob, Duppau, Maschau, Luditz, Luck, Sterkowitz, Haret, Bruex, Maroldsweisach, Gateshead, England, Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UK, Ebelsbach, Limbach, Trunstadt, Burgkundstadt, Uehlfeld, ühlfeld, Baiersdorf, Floss, Kronach, Düsseldorf, Dusseldorf, Northwood, Koenigheim, Urspringen, Berlichingen, Oyenhausen, Zillesheim, Zweilbruecken, Speyer, Bitsch, Kirchheim, Bolanden, Kirchheim Bolanden, Erbes-Büdesheim, Holzminden, Eberfeld, Langenholsen, Holenberg, Luebbecke, Lübbecke, Ossendorf, London, Prussia, Plashet, Cemetery, Koenigstein, Taunus, Brunswick, Floss, Dessau, Kippenheim, Graben


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