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151 A tailor, he converted to Catholicism in order to marry Anna Meiringer. LOEBL, Ernst Josef (I2519)
152 A tailor. LEVINE, Schmerl Shmayah Shemiah LAVINE or (I8219)
153 A teacher BLUMENTHAL, Alma Selma (I8363)
154 A teacher at the Burgpreppach School for Jewish Teachers in Wuerzburg. NEUMANN, Wolf Simon (I6621)
155 A teacher. SPIER, Loeb Levy (I8625)
156 A timber merchant - unmarried. EHRLICH, Hermann (I10261)
157 A trader in Herford, Westphalia, Germany. Lived in Burhaven and Oldenburg. Mastered the French language.

Loebel (one assumes from Patronymic) must be his father's name - also written Lyon or Lion.

Hebrew name is Ya'acov. 
BERLINER, Jacob Lion (Loebel) (I694)
158 A trader/merchant SIMON, Emanuel (I13924)
159 A tradesman, butcher and land owner. Said to have been born illegitimate! SIMSON, Salomon (I134)
160 A typeographer. Divorced from Rosa 20 July 1920. ROTHSCHILD, Moritz Mauricio Leopold (I17618)
161 A veteran of Dunkirk. French publishing executive. DE CROISSET, Philippe WIENER (I7024)
162 A Wehrmacht officer sent to Poland and later Stalingrad. His life was spared when it was discovered that he spoke English. The Russians traded him to the Americans where he was freed in 1947. LEHN, Johannes Wilhelm (I17575)
163 A wholesale manufacturing furrier. Living in Islington in 1911. BROOK, Abraham Alfred (I8736)
164 Abeles family information gratefully received from Anne Feder Lee and Sue Lederer Geiger ABELES, Samson (I15684)
165 Abeles family information gratefully received from Anne Feder Lee and Sue Lederer Geiger ABELES, Alexander (I15715)
166 Abraham was the Rabbi at Beneh Abraham Synagogue in Portsmouth, Ohio and also owned a bookstore. He emigrated to the US in 1877.

Source: Aaaron Herstein 
SCHAPIRO, Abraham (I10848)
167 According to Alfred Sonder born 1694 in Homburg LOEW (I8945)
168 According to Alfred Sonder he died 15 Feb 1808 WEILL, Nathaniel Sandel (I8917)
169 According to Alfred Sonder he died 26 Sep 1793 WEILL, Naftali Hirsch (I8929)
170 According to Alfred Sonder the death was on 28 Apr 1761 in Kippenheim WEYL, Rabbi Eliezer Lazarus (I8933)
171 According to Alfred Sonder, he was born in Strasbourg in 1348. Ernest B Weill wrote in his 1957 Weil family history "Weil-de Veil, A Genealogy" that Judah (Yehudah) may have come from Spain to Germany. It is more likely that the family lived in Weil der Stadt and derived the family name from this. WEIL, Rabbi Judah (I8942)
172 According to Amos Oren Judel Metzger's wife was called Eva Marum Strauss STRAUSS, Eva Marum (I669)
173 According to an old hand written family tree belonging to Tom Klee, Isac (or Isaak) Kle(e)stadt was from Kleestadt by Frankfort and moved to Bueren in 1806. KLESTADT, Isac (I4827)
174 According to Cordula Kappner, local archivist, Moritz Moses died in Ebelsbach. FRIED, Moritz Moses (I189)
175 According to Cordula Kappner, local archivist, the marriage took place on 24 Nov 1869 FRIED, Nanni (I190)
176 According to Eugen Caspary (in Geschichte von Oberbrechen, ed. by H Gensicke and E. Eichhorn; 1975; pp. 197 - 199) this Hermann was born on 28.12.1858 in Weyer, married twice again after this first marriage and had 12 children from 3 marriages between 1885 and 1923 in Oberbrechen. Attention! He had 2 cousins with the same name, born 1856 and 1859. Source: Gerhard Buck BLUMENTHAL, Hermann (I6824)
177 According to his marriage registration of 1963 to Therese Winternitz -- David had been a widow since 11 Oct 1862. The registration also indicates this his mother, Rebecca geb. Samel was already deceased. ABELES, David (I15719)
178 According to Joseph Heinemann her name is Veder. Herr. August Ernst the genealogist for Zweibruecken notes it as Neder. She lived in Zillisheim, Alsace. NEDER, Charlotta (I626)
179 According to Joseph Heinemann her name was Ruh. August Ernst, the genealogist for Zweibruecken says this is Ruf. In French ROUFF. She may be the sister of Magdalena Madel Ruf born 1782 in Zillisheim and married to Jakob Jonas Gugenheim. RUF, Henrietta Hindel (I623)
180 According to Joseph Heinemann's books "My Life, My Ordeal", the eleven children of Hayum and Schendel were unable to marry because they would have had to possess 500 guilders cash (excluding the value of their home).

When this law was abolished, Joseph married at the age of 54 years in 1832. So far as we are aware only one other, daughter Breundl, married Rafael Strauss, the son of a Rabbi in Doertingen. 
JOSEPH, Hayum (I577)
181 According to marriage info: Sara was alive at the time of the marriage of Ferdinand and Berta.

I had originally thought that she was born between 1809 - 1824 and that she died after 1882 and did not know where she died.

I now know that she died July 19, 1900 in Vienna -- this is date of death on her grave in the Central Friedhof-Vienna.
The grave does not give her birth year -- but says she died in her 89th year (thus she was 88). This means she was
born about 1812.

In the obits for her 2 sons, Theodor and Ferdinand, she is listed as Charlotte Bondi. On her grave she is called Charlotte.

How I discovered all this:
When I found the obits of Theodor (1895) and Ferdinand (1899), I found that she was still alive. So, when I went to the
cemetery, I asked for a look-up in the computer to see if there was a Charlotte Bondi listed -- she was. I then found her
grave. Charlotte was buried July 22, 1900. She shares grave with her daughter Hermine Abel.

I have found death reg. for Charlotte Bondi geb. Abeles, from Saaz -- and something about Prague...probably that
her husband was from Prague. Says she was 88 -- which makes her birth year abt. 1812

Update of Feb. 27, 2007: A new website from Pragee that shows the Prague police registration forms has one for Herz Bondi with Sara Lotte and their 3 children. There is says that her birthyear is 1811.
So, I was pretty close with saying before that she was born "abt 1812". This is the first I have found her actual birth year. Alas, one can't print out a copy of the document from the web site: 
ABELES, Sara LottiCharlotte (I15748)
182 According to the 1870 Census for House No 49 in Holleschau, Peppi was in the spice business. HERZKA, Pauline Peppi (I18440)
183 According to the Bundesarchiv Gedenkbuch the date of birth was 24 Apr 1880.

Lived in Hamburg. 
STERN, Moses (Moritz) (I746)
184 According to the LDS film and correspondence from Israelitische Kultusgemeinde Wien, Herz was already deceased at time of marriage of
Ferdinand and Berta. He is also described as "private," i.e, no profession

Eugen found for me the death registration for Herz -- 18 Jan 1861.

Update of Feb. 27, 2007: A new website from Pragee that shows the Prague police registration forms has one for Herz Bondi with Sara Lotte and their 3 children. There is says that his death was on 19 Jan 1861.
Alas, one can't print out a copy of the document from the web site:
However, in the 
BONDI, HerzHerzmann (I15799)
185 Accountant DE BRUIN, Max Ludwig (I8349)
186 Acquired land in 1856/7. SIMSON, Frederika (I796)
187 Adolf and Regina ran a sanatorium for TB patients in Bad Homburg. STERN, Adolf (I88)
188 Adolf Metzger was involved in the company Adolf Metzger, a tube wholesaler known as "Metzger Tube"
which was established at 42 Lange Strasse in Stuttgart.

Inmformation courtesy of Gerhard Metzger 26.1.2011 
METZGER, Adolf (I646)
189 After receiving semichah, Paul served as director of the Hillel Foundations at West Virginia University and North Carolina, as rabbi and educator in Pittsburgh, and from1983 as rabbi of Congregation Beth Israel in Flint, Michigan, USA. Source: NY Times

Rabbi Paul Reis sadly died at age 50 of heart failure. Source: Alfred Stern 
REIS, Rabbi Paul (I58)
190 Age at Death: 34 SHLENKER, Timothy Wayne (I15133)
191 Age at Death: 45 DOLLAR, John Lee (I14834)
192 Age at Death: 51 CROWELL, Colleen Jeannette (I14819)
193 Age at Death: 59 GOTTHELF, Lee L (I14893)
194 Age at Death: 60 KRIEGER, Harry L. (I14958)
195 Age at Death: 64 CAMERON, Mary Anne (I14810)
196 Age at Death: 67 FINCH, Evelyn (I14854)
197 Age at Death: 69 SHLENKER, Betty Jo (I15095)
198 Age at Death: 70 GEISENBERGER, Isaac Frederick (I14865)
199 Age at Death: 70 GOTTHELF, Harold Jr. (I14891)
200 Age at Death: 72 SIEDER, Richard William (I15139)

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