Stern & Loebl Families Database

A fully searchable database containing the Jewish ancestors of the Stern and Lobl/Loebl families - and their many descendant lines as researched by Gerald Stern.

New York, NY, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAER, Edwin Isaac  1876New York, NY, USA I3364
2 BEHR, Rita Henrietta  1898New York, NY, USA I7287
3 BERLINER, Rebecca  29 Jul 1859New York, NY, USA I12468
4 BEVERSTEIN, Adele  5 Jun 1894New York, NY, USA I17453
5 BEVERSTEIN, Rose  1881New York, NY, USA I17442
6 BLOCH, Alan Edward  28 Nov 1915New York, NY, USA I12673
7 BLOCH, Blanche  2 Dec 1890New York, NY, USA I12611
8 BLOCH, Godfrey BLOCK may have become  27 May 1901New York, NY, USA I6671
9 BLOCH, Janet Elizabeth  2 Nov 1917New York, NY, USA I12674
10 BLOCH, Ruth Bessie  5 Oct 1892New York, NY, USA I12612
11 BLUMENTHAL, Fannie  10 Sep 1882New York, NY, USA I12484
12 BLUMENTHAL, Leon J  22 Jul 1886New York, NY, USA I12490
13 BLUMENTHAL, Lewis F  14 Jul 1884New York, NY, USA I12488
14 BOAS, Donald Philip Sr.  14 Mar 1921New York, NY, USA I18547
15 BOAS, Heinrich  Feb 1899New York, NY, USA I18542
16 CAHN, Alexandrine Amelia  5 Oct 1867New York, NY, USA I14808
17 COHEN, Pearl Carrie  New York, NY, USA I11039
18 COHN, Mildred  10 Jan 1904New York, NY, USA I12591
19 DAVIDOFF, Bernard  15 Jun 1900New York, NY, USA I12641
20 DAVIDOFF, Jerry  1 Jul 1926New York, NY, USA I12642
21 DAVIDOFF, Paul  14 Feb 1930New York, NY, USA I12644
22 FEINSOD, Louise  5 Dec 1913New York, NY, USA I5034
23 FELDMAN, Larry  2 Apr 1921New York, NY, USA I19724
24 FRIED, Arthur Louis  29 Apr 1922New York, NY, USA I17775
25 FRIED, Donald Samson  6 Aug 1912New York, NY, USA I6679
26 FRIED, Ellen  1925New York, NY, USA I6682
27 FRIED, Irma  2 Jun 1888New York, NY, USA I1610
28 FRIED, Jerome Arthur  3 Dec 1885New York, NY, USA I1609
29 FRIED, Robert P Bo  13 Apr 1926New York, NY, USA I17781
30 FRIED, Walter Cleveland  4 Mar 1891New York, NY, USA I1611
31 GOLDWATER, Edna  26 Nov 1891New York, NY, USA I17772
32 HIRSCH, Howard  28 Sep 1917New York, NY, USA I12629
33 HIRSCHHORN, Susan Fay Fradshe  31 Jul 1952New York, NY, USA I5808
34 HOENIGSBURGER, Anita  11 Apr 1911New York, NY, USA I5907
35 HOENIGSBURGER, Consuela Linda  18 Jan 1896New York, NY, USA I5909
36 JONES, Florence  7 Nov 1923New York, NY, USA I17776
37 KESTENBAUM, Marguerite Suzanne  11 Jul 1927New York, NY, USA I2011
38 KLAUBER, Charles  26 Aug 1875New York, NY, USA I4752
39 KRACKOWIZER, Marie Anna Ernestine  3 Aug 1861New York, NY, USA I18535
40 KRAMER, Lenore Elva  14 Aug 1922New York, NY, USA I18550
41 KUPFER, Vera  1887New York, NY, USA I19263
42 LAHR, Irving LAHRHEIM became BERT  13 Aug 1895New York, NY, USA I3192
43 LANGBEIN, Jeanne  6 Feb 1915New York, NY, USA I17783
44 LAWSON, Alexander JR  Abt 1913New York, NY, USA I17444
45 LAWSON, Charles F  15 Jul 1916New York, NY, USA I17447
46 LAWSON, Samuel  Abt 1915New York, NY, USA I17446
47 LEDERER, Julius Yehuda  22 Feb 1859New York, NY, USA I15926
48 LEINER, Charles  29 Oct 1877New York, NY, USA I12818
49 LEINER, Gustav  20 May 1874New York, NY, USA I12816
50 LEINER, Olga  1 May 1874New York, NY, USA I12817

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ACKERMANN, Simon Siegmund  1988New York, NY, USA I13328
2 ADLER, Ruth  1974New York, NY, USA I3331
3 BAER, Erich Eric Lincoln  1 Sep 1969New York, NY, USA I16148
4 BAER, Julius  20 Oct 1968New York, NY, USA I16146
5 BAMBERGER, Hugo  1949New York, NY, USA I10826
6 BERLIN, Else  1982New York, NY, USA I47
7 BERLIN, Paul  Dec 1974New York, NY, USA I536
8 BERTHA  New York, NY, USA I18364
9 BLOCH, Alan Edward  18 Feb 2001New York, NY, USA I12673
10 BLOCH, Godfrey BLOCK may have become  18 Nov 1987New York, NY, USA I6671
11 BLUMENTHAL, Hermann  3 Mar 1909New York, NY, USA I12483
12 BOAS, Ernst Philip  9 Mar 1955New York, NY, USA I18539
13 BOAS, Franz Uri  21 Dec 1942New York, NY, USA I18530
14 BONNIST, Else  21 Jan 1994New York, NY, USA I11351
15 BRUCKHEIMER, Herbert  Oct 1985New York, NY, USA I11868
16 CAHN, Johanna Hanni  10 Oct 1951New York, NY, USA I9066
17 COHN, Joe  5 Dec 1938New York, NY, USA I12590
18 DAVIDOFF, Paul  27 Dec 1984New York, NY, USA I12644
19 DE MONTEBELLO, Count AndrĂ© Roger Lannes  2 Dec 1986New York, NY, USA I7029
20 DE MONTEBELLO, Georges Roger Francois Lannes  11 Dec 1996New York, NY, USA I7150
21 ELDOT, Anita  Jul 1992New York, NY, USA I7959
22 ELLENBOGEN, Max  1962New York, NY, USA I2007
23 FALK, Adolph  31 Dec 1935New York, NY, USA I8687
24 FISCHEL, Ernst  New York, NY, USA I11678
25 FISCHEL, Hugo  New York, NY, USA I11677
26 FISCHEL, Kurt  New York, NY, USA I11679
27 FISCHEL, Walter  New York, NY, USA I11680
28 FRANK, Arthur Alfred  1 Aug 1971New York, NY, USA I6927
29 FRANK, Minna Meta  25 Nov 1973New York, NY, USA I6925
30 FREUDENTHAL, Berta  1966New York, NY, USA I8912
31 FREUDENTHAL, Elsbeth  14 Feb 2001New York, NY, USA I78
32 FREUDENTHAL, Gustav  1942New York, NY, USA I8911
33 FREUDENTHAL, Max Michel  1950New York, NY, USA I10003
34 FREUND, Eva  25 Dec 2000New York, NY, USA I311
35 FRIED, Gusta Gussy Adolphus  20 Mar 1930New York, NY, USA I1607
36 FRIED, Samson  16 May 1913New York, NY, USA I1589
37 FRIED, Walter Cleveland  May 1979New York, NY, USA I1611
38 FULDHEIM, Blandine  1986New York, NY, USA I3088
39 GERSTLE, Albert  New York, NY, USA I16585
40 GERTHA  18 Feb 1998New York, NY, USA I11583
41 GOLDSCHMIDT, Kaete  11 Jun 2006New York, NY, USA I6769
42 GOTTSCHO, Bertha Betty  27 Aug 1987New York, NY, USA I3853
43 GROSS, Jerome  Nov 1999New York, NY, USA I1994
44 GROWALD, Liselotte Lilo  10 Nov 1999New York, NY, USA I8300
45 GROWALD, Walter Fritz  Jul 1972New York, NY, USA I5577
46 GRUENFELD, Kaete  1972New York, NY, USA I18146
47 GUERRINI-MARALDI, Count Demetrio (Metia)  26 Nov 2002New York, NY, USA I7510
48 GUNZENHAUESER, Isidor Hermann  29 Sep 1952New York, NY, USA I16179
49 GUTHEIM, Walter  Aft 1980New York, NY, USA I9379
50 GUTMANN, Karl  1960New York, NY, USA I17986

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BAER / GRUENBAUM  15 May 1867New York, NY, USA F5684
2 BAER / GUNZENHAUESER  31 Aug 1946New York, NY, USA F3249
3 BOAS / KRAMER  26 Jun 1942New York, NY, USA F6554
4 BOAS / SISSON  25 Dec 1917New York, NY, USA F6552
5 DORF / HOENIGSBURGER  20 Nov 1918New York, NY, USA F2303
6 GUMMERS / ROSENTHAL  10 Feb 1946New York, NY, USA F3257
7 HARTMAN / ROTHSCHILD  28 Nov 1897New York, NY, USA F6208
8 KAUFMAN / SKOBLOW  31 Jan 1939New York, NY, USA F1121
9 KLAUBER / FREUND  1911New York, NY, USA F1978
10 LEINER / HOLZMANN  1866New York, NY, USA F4474
11 LEVY / HEINEMANN  7 Jul 1895New York, NY, USA F329
12 LOEWENSTEIN / BUXBAUM  27 Apr 1914New York, NY, USA F1142
13 MARKS / SIMON  1928New York, NY, USA F2723
14 METZGER / BENDHEIM  28 Jul 1946New York, NY, USA F377
15 NEU / MAHLER  23 Mar 1941New York, NY, USA F4412
16 NEUMANN / ELDOT  1947New York, NY, USA F2924
17 REIS / WEIL  10 Aug 1946New York, NY, USA F46
18 REITER / STERN  21 Oct 1945New York, NY, USA F7038
19 SALM / LIEBERMANN  7 Dec 1948New York, NY, USA F6848
20 SCHWAB / WEESE  13 Jul 1914New York, NY, USA F4384
21 SELIGMANN / FREUDENTHAL  4 Jul 1941New York, NY, USA F59
22 SELIGMANN / WALLACH  4 Apr 1948New York, NY, USA F61
23 SHADDOW / BEVERSTEIN  3 Jun 1906New York, NY, USA F6173
24 SIMON / ELEPHANT  1904New York, NY, USA F2709
25 SIMON / FREUND  18 Jul 1948New York, NY, USA F187
26 SIMSON / WALTER  4 Apr 1905New York, NY, USA F5956
28 STEINBERGER / LOEBL  8 May 1947New York, NY, USA F867
29 STERN / BAUML  25 Oct 1942New York, NY, USA F7024
30 STERN / KESTENBAUM  12 Oct 1958New York, NY, USA F42
31 STERN / STRAUSS  17 Dec 1944New York, NY, USA F6587
32 STERN / VOSEN  1 Sep 1946New York, NY, USA F7028
33 STRAUS / KUPFER  25 Mar 1883New York, NY, USA F6818
34 TREIDEL / SALM  25 Dec 1947New York, NY, USA F6850
35 VOSS / KUPFER  1909New York, NY, USA F6816
36 WOLLENBERGER / ROSENTHAL  6 Oct 1908New York, NY, USA F3266

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