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Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.)



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 HELLER, Adolf  25 Nov 1814Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16792
2 HELLER, Adolf  19 May 1844Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16839
3 HELLER, Amalia  3 Apr 1810Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16789
4 HELLER, Babette  15 Nov 1785Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16625
5 HELLER, Barbara  15 Sep 1808Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16788
6 HELLER, Bernard  2 Jun 1818Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16794
7 HELLER, Charlotte  15 Dec 1819Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16795
8 HELLER, Elisabeth  18 Sep 1808Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16634
9 HELLER, Emanuel  Abt 1780Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16624
10 HELLER, Fanni  7 Apr 1843Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16831
11 HELLER, Franziska  11 Oct 1840Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16836
12 HELLER, Franziska Fani  5 Dec 1811Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16790
13 HELLER, Herman  3 Aug 1816Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16793
14 HELLER, Ignatz  27 Mar 1794Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16626
15 HELLER, Lisetta  1 Feb 1805Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16786
16 HELLER, Markus  Between 1744 and 1750Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16618
17 HELLER, Markus  1798Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16632
18 HELLER, Maximilian  24 Aug 1845Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16840
19 HELLER, Moritz  21 Dec 1842Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16838
20 HELLER, Moritz  19 May 1844Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16832
21 HELLER, Moritz Markus  7 Nov 1806Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16787
22 HELLER, Paula  8 Apr 1798Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16628
23 HELLER, Paula  19 Jul 1813Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16791
24 HELLER, Rebeka  15 Dec 1792Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16627
25 HELLER, Sara  1745Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I164
26 HELLER, Theresa  30 Jul 1802Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16797
27 HIRSCH, Amalia  16 Nov 1845Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16827
28 HIRSCH, Eleonora  1 Dec 1841Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16825
29 HIRSCH, Emilie  14 May 1836Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16823
30 HIRSCH, Hermann  11 Dec 1807Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16819
31 HIRSCH, Ludwig  13 Feb 1840Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16824
32 HIRSCH, Moritz  31 Oct 1843Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16826
33 HIRSCH, Richard  21 Jan 1847Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16828
34 HIRSCH, Theresia Roesa  15 Nov 1834Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16822
35 HIRSCH, Wilhelm  11 Feb 1848Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16829
36 LOEWENBACH, Moritz  11 Sep 1824Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16801
37 SCHAKMAN, Abraham  14 Dec 1804Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16809
38 SCHAKMAN, Anna  4 Sep 1852Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16887
39 SCHAKMAN, Eleonora  16 Dec 1841Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16814
40 SCHAKMAN, Friedrich  25 Dec 1835Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16812
41 SCHAKMAN, Ludwig  5 May 1843Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16815
42 SCHAKMAN, Moritz  3 Dec 1840Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16813
43 SCHAKMAN, Theresa Roesi  28 Jun 1844Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16816
44 SHAKMAN, Adolph SCHAKMAN became  14 Jun 1849Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16817


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 HELLER, Charlotte  1 May 1821Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16795
2 HELLER, Emanuel  1 Jan 1864Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16624
3 HELLER, Ignatz  17 Oct 1839Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16626
4 HELLER, Markus  3 Jun 1800Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16618
5 HELLER, Maximilian  31 Dec 1845Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16840
6 HELLER, Nathan  30 Apr 1827Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16623
7 HIRSCH, Hermann  12 May 1850Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16819
8 HOFMAN, Fanny Veronika  29 Jun 1827Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16635
9 LOEBL, Judith  21 Jan 1817Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16629
10 REICHEL, Katharina  1 Aug 1886Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16833
11 THERESIA, Dina  17 May 1794Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) I16621


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 HELLER / LOEBL  10 Dec 1796Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) F5841
2 HELLER / REICHEL  27 Dec 1842Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) F5914
3 HELLER / WEIS  15 Jun 1842Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) F5913
4 SCHAKMAN / HELLER  Koenigswart, Bohemia (Kynzvart, Czech Rep.) F5909

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