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Frankfurt am Main, Germany



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AUERBACH, Otto Jakob Ludwig Fritz  9 Oct 1881Frankfurt am Main, Germany I3855
2 BAER, Erich Eric Lincoln  3 Jan 1910Frankfurt am Main, Germany I16148
3 BAER, Julius  9 Sep 1881Frankfurt am Main, Germany I16146
4 BARTH, Friedrich Norbert  Abt 1908Frankfurt am Main, Germany I19330
5 BENJAMIN, Helena  31 Dec 1845Frankfurt am Main, Germany I16482
6 BENJAMIN, Helene  31 Dec 1845Frankfurt am Main, Germany I19959
7 COPPEL, Rosy Hermine  4 Dec 1888Frankfurt am Main, Germany I20000
8 DORIAN, Marc  18 Nov 1925Frankfurt am Main, Germany I3872
9 FEISENBERGER, Franziska  3 Jun 1869Frankfurt am Main, Germany I16485
10 FISCHEL, Hugo  Frankfurt am Main, Germany I11677
11 GREENBAUM, Robert  14 Feb 1897Frankfurt am Main, Germany I18621
12 GUTHEIM, Erna  17 Apr 1901Frankfurt am Main, Germany I9378
13 GUTHEIM, Margot  6 Apr 1911Frankfurt am Main, Germany I8986
14 GUTHEIM, Walter  7 Jun 1896Frankfurt am Main, Germany I9379
15 HAMBURGER, Charlotte Zarle  25 Sep 1878Frankfurt am Main, Germany I18886
16 HAMBURGER, Jenny Jesnsche  4 May 1885Frankfurt am Main, Germany I18889
17 HAMBURGER, Siegmund  31 Oct 1881Frankfurt am Main, Germany I18888
18 HEIDLER, Adolf  2 Apr 1887Frankfurt am Main, Germany I18484
19 HEIDLER, Frances  7 Mar 1889Frankfurt am Main, Germany I18485
20 HEIDLER, Max Nathan  13 Jun 1885Frankfurt am Main, Germany I18483
21 HEIDLER, Recha  12 Jun 1884Frankfurt am Main, Germany I18481
22 HERMANN, Arthur Max  1912Frankfurt am Main, Germany I11774
23 HERMANN, Erich Leopold  1908Frankfurt am Main, Germany I11765
24 HERMANN, Manfred  1910Frankfurt am Main, Germany I11768
25 HERMANN, Meta  1917Frankfurt am Main, Germany I11778
26 HERMANN, Wolfgang  1 Oct 1937Frankfurt am Main, Germany I20312
27 HIRSCHHORN, Fritz  23 Feb 1925Frankfurt am Main, Germany I5024
28 HOMBURGER, Selma  31 Dec 1876Frankfurt am Main, Germany I13223
29 KOENIGSWERTHER, Julius Jules  4 Nov 1843Frankfurt am Main, Germany I7380
30 LANDSBERG, Herta  5 Dec 1926Frankfurt am Main, Germany I20103
31 LANDSBERG, Max  20 Jun 1923Frankfurt am Main, Germany I20102
32 LANDSBERG, Theodore  4 Sep 1924Frankfurt am Main, Germany I20105
33 LANDSBERG, Walter Josef  23 Jan 1923Frankfurt am Main, Germany I20104
34 LEVY, Ema Caroline  13 Jun 1897Frankfurt am Main, Germany I19996
35 LEVY, Ernst Daniel  1 Dec 1892Frankfurt am Main, Germany I19994
36 LEVY, Paul  3 Apr 1895Frankfurt am Main, Germany I19995
37 LION, August  8 Apr 1869Frankfurt am Main, Germany I1071
38 LUBOWSKY, Ruth  20 Oct 1924Frankfurt am Main, Germany I9381
39 NEUMANN, Alfred Robert  26 Jan 1921Frankfurt am Main, Germany I1139
40 NEUMANN, Bernhardt Julius  30 Jun 1877Frankfurt am Main, Germany I1136
41 NUSSBAUM, Fanni  21 Jul 1905Frankfurt am Main, Germany I18892
42 NUSSBAUM, Hans Baruch  11 Jul 1902Frankfurt am Main, Germany I18891
43 OPENHEIMER, Bella  7 Jan 1892Frankfurt am Main, Germany I1130
44 REHSE, Klothilde Elsa  3 May 1892Frankfurt am Main, Germany I19966
45 SALOMON, Elizabeth  19 Sep 1898Frankfurt am Main, Germany I16539
46 SCHOENFELD, Helene  30 Mar 1875Frankfurt am Main, Germany I18614
47 SCHWAB, Ilse  24 Dec 1934Frankfurt am Main, Germany I12658
48 SELIGMAN, Amy Sally  11 Mar 1883Frankfurt am Main, Germany I7014
49 SIEGEL, David Siegmund  14 Jun 1924Frankfurt am Main, Germany I18895
50 SIMON, Albert  17 Apr 1867Frankfurt am Main, Germany I16480

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 AUERBACH, Otto Jakob Ludwig Fritz  27 Mar 1933Frankfurt am Main, Germany I3855
2 BAER, Lazarus  14 Aug 1890Frankfurt am Main, Germany I16142
3 BAER, Nathan Carl  27 Mar 1912Frankfurt am Main, Germany I16144
4 BEVERSTEIN, Hermann  16 Nov 1967Frankfurt am Main, Germany I17452
5 BLUMENTHAL, Jetta  10 Dec 1867Frankfurt am Main, Germany I9659
6 BLUMENTHAL, Minchen Minna  2 Oct 1940Frankfurt am Main, Germany I6837
7 BOETTIGHEIMER, Max  Frankfurt am Main, Germany I16326
8 BUCHHEIM, Salomon  14 May 1906Frankfurt am Main, Germany I18925
9 BUCHSBAUM, Sigmund  Jun 1962Frankfurt am Main, Germany I736
10 ELKAN, Martha  2 Aug 1994Frankfurt am Main, Germany I16547
11 FRANKEL, Moses  1677Frankfurt am Main, Germany I2649
12 GOTTSCHO, Albert  24 Dec 1920Frankfurt am Main, Germany I3851
13 GRUENBAUM, Caroline Gretha Gretchen  1 Oct 1908Frankfurt am Main, Germany I16145
14 GUTHEIM, Margot  8 Aug 1984Frankfurt am Main, Germany I8986
15 HAHN, Sussmann  15 Feb 1929Frankfurt am Main, Germany I16317
16 HAMBURGER, Leo  16 Feb 1929Frankfurt am Main, Germany I18869
17 HAMBURGER, Siegmund  6 Jul 1904Frankfurt am Main, Germany I18888
18 HEIDLER, Adolf  5 Mar 1888Frankfurt am Main, Germany I18484
19 KAUFMANN, Koehla  Frankfurt am Main, Germany I16506
20 KLEIN, Babette Bohnle  8 Mar 1888Frankfurt am Main, Germany I16143
21 LEVY, Paul  9 Apr 1895Frankfurt am Main, Germany I19995
22 LOEWENTHAL, Settchen  15 Apr 1937Frankfurt am Main, Germany I19311
23 NETTER, Emil Wolfgang  9 Feb 1936Frankfurt am Main, Germany I18099
24 NEUBERGER, Max  1937Frankfurt am Main, Germany I16534
25 REHSE, Klothilde Elsa  29 Aug 1977Frankfurt am Main, Germany I19966
26 SIMON, Abraham  8 Jul 1909Frankfurt am Main, Germany I15417
27 SIMON, Adolf  27 Jul 1927Frankfurt am Main, Germany I15420
28 SIMON, Amalia  26 Jun 1938Frankfurt am Main, Germany I15346
29 SIMON, Ernestina  29 May 1935Frankfurt am Main, Germany I15339
30 SIMON, Ferdinand  2 Feb 1917Frankfurt am Main, Germany I3631
31 SIMON, Karoline  15 Jan 1941Frankfurt am Main, Germany I11936
32 SIMON, Robert  Feb 1983Frankfurt am Main, Germany I15355
33 SIMON, Sigmund  10 Nov 1908Frankfurt am Main, Germany I3625
34 STERN, Aron Adolph  21 Apr 1921Frankfurt am Main, Germany I20016
35 STERN, Caroline  24 Dec 1912Frankfurt am Main, Germany I1851
36 STIEBEL, Emma Wilhelmine  24 Apr 1905Frankfurt am Main, Germany I16477
37 STRAUSS, Alfons  26 Apr 1903Frankfurt am Main, Germany I18622
38 STRAUSS, Carl  26 Apr 1903Frankfurt am Main, Germany I18623
39 STRAUSS, Moritz  17 Mar 1938Frankfurt am Main, Germany I18775
40 STRAUSS, Samuel  24 Nov 1929Frankfurt am Main, Germany I18615
41 TACHAUER, Adolf  1894Frankfurt am Main, Germany I17645


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BAER / MAIER  14 Feb 1909Frankfurt am Main, Germany F5685
2 GREENBAUM / STRAUSS  1 Feb 1924Frankfurt am Main, Germany F6586
3 JESSEL / STERN  18 Feb 1909Frankfurt am Main, Germany F7122
4 KOENIGSWERTHER / STIEBEL  2 Jul 1848Frankfurt am Main, Germany F6032
5 LEVY / SIMON  13 Nov 1891Frankfurt am Main, Germany F7109
6 NUSSBAUM / HAMBURGER  4 Jun 1901Frankfurt am Main, Germany F6676
7 SIMON / ALEXANDER  17 Aug 1901Frankfurt am Main, Germany F7108
8 SIMON / COPPEL  9 Aug 1907Frankfurt am Main, Germany F7112
9 SIMON / REHSE  2 Jun 1924Frankfurt am Main, Germany F7096
10 SIMON / STIEBEL  22 Jun 1866Frankfurt am Main, Germany F5784
11 STEINBERG / LEVY  8 Jan 1923Frankfurt am Main, Germany F7111
12 STRAUSS / SCHOENFELD  30 Mar 1900Frankfurt am Main, Germany F6583
13 WIENER / SELIGMAN  11 Dec 1906Frankfurt am Main, Germany F2631
14 WIENER / STERN  11 Oct 1912Frankfurt am Main, Germany F7123
15 WOLF / STERN  27 Nov 1913Frankfurt am Main, Germany F7124

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